Bond Fund (MABOX)

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Bond Fund Objective

Investment Objective

The primary investment objective of the Fund is to provide a high level of current income. The secondary objective is the preservation of shareholders' capital.

Principal Investment Strategies

The Fund invests primarily in publicly-traded, investment-grade debt securities.

  • At least 80% of the Fund's total assets are invested in investment grade securities issued by U.S. corporations or by the U.S. Government or its agencies, such as bonds, notes, debentures, zero coupon securities and mortgage-backed securities. Bonds are debt instruments that can be issued by the federal government, government agencies and subdivisions, states, cities, corporations and other institutions.
  • Although the Fund only purchases investment-grade bonds, the Fund may continue to hold certain corporate bonds in the Fund's portfolio that are downgraded to below investment grade, commonly referred to as "high yield" or "junk bonds."
  • The Adviser evaluates each security to be purchased and selects securities based on duration, seeking to maintain duration for the Fund overall within +/- 10% of the duration of its benchmark; credit quality as determined by fundamental financial analysis focused on the issuer's ability to repay debt; and interest income anticipated to be generated.

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